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Birth Center in Central Illinois… Could It Be?!?!

November 6, 2014

Have you heard… all the buzz?!? We here at Doulas Etc. have heard and we love it! The chatter on social media as well as the talk at playdates has been all about the possibility that Bloomington / Normal will be getting a freestanding birth center. The murmuring has been taken to the next level this past week when Obstetrics and Gynecology Care and Associates  announced that, yes, they do have plans to open an “independent, locally owned birthing center for low risk mothers seeking high value, high quality, and personal one-on-one care for the birth of their baby” in Bloomington Normal. They also extended an invitation to the community to attend a free “Lunch and Learn” on Thursday, November 13th to come and hear about these plans and to get more information. This event features Dr. Steven Calvin who will be speaking on the topic “Birthing Centers: Why the Time Has Come”.

Lunch n Learn_flyer (2)

I, for one, am very excited to hear what Dr. Calvin has to say for us and the possibilities here in Bloomington/Normal. Dr. Calvin broke new ground in Minneapolis when he became the first doctor in Minnesota to open a freestanding birth center. As the founder and medical director of The Minnesota Birth Center he has worked to “collaborate in building a comprehensive midwife-led maternity care model that empowers mothers to have a safe, seamless, and satisfying pregnancy experience.”

Are you planning on attending the lunch and learn? Many of the Doulas Etc. ladies will be there, myself included. Come say “hi”- we would love to see you!

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