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Happy IBCLC Day!

March 6, 2013
IBCLC Day 2013

IBCLC Day 2013′

Doulas Etc. wants to offer our thanks and appreciation to International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) today!  We love working with breastfeeding mothers, but there are times when a mother’s need goes beyond what we can offer. In these times, it is so reassuring to be able to refer a mom to an IBCLC for safe, competent, and evidence-based care. IBLCE International has very high standards for those who choose to certify with them (not really surprising that an organization birthed from La Leche League International would be so awesome!)

So what exactly is a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant? They are healthcare professionals with an expertise in breastfeeding and lactation. In order to become certified, IBCLCs have extensive training through course work and clinical hours and they have passed an internationally recognized exam. Because of their training, IBCLCs are knowledgeable about evidence-based practices and experienced in managing a wide variety of even complex breastfeeding situations. They advise mothers during pregnancy, help them establish breastfeeding, and provide assistance should any challenges occur.

According to Liz Brooks, president of the International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA), “Parents can be overwhelmed by the many sources of information on breastfeeding, some of which may be conflicting. An IBCLC has the expertise to provide parents accurate, evidence-based information specific to their needs.”

There are currently more than 26,000 IBCLCs in 94 countries worldwide, 13,292 in the USA and 471 in Illinois (source and we are thankful for every one!

For more information about IBLCE, visit or contact the IBLCE office at +1 703.560.7330.  If you need help locating an IBCLC here in Central, IL please let us know and we can help get you connected with one.

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  1. Tara Mac permalink
    March 6, 2013 6:51 pm

    Shout out to A. Birkey for being awesome!!! So happy for the recommendation from you!

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