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The Traveling Birth Ball Cover

August 23, 2012 came up with a really fun concept- a traveling birth ball cover. The cover would go from doula to doula and I was next in line. I was excited last week when I finally received the cover in the mail. I knew it was headed my way and was hoping it would arrive before my next client went into labor. it did… barely. My client was over 41 weeks along with her first child, a boy. Not even 14 hours after the cover arrived did I get the call from my client at 4:30am- contractions were coming, her water had broke, and they were heading to the hospital.

I grabbed my bag and the ball and walked over to meet them at the hospital (living so close is certainly convenient). While we in the midwest have spent the majority of summer in a drought aching for ran, the air on the morning little man decided to get things going was heavy and had that distinct smell which signals rain is on its way. As I entered the labor and delivery room I was greeted with excited smiles from my client and her husband. I started to unpack a few of my things and the rain began to fall.

Then, the thunder came. The darkness that the storm brought was perfect for birthing and it provided a superb soundtrack. The excitement in the room only grew as wind and lightening began to dance around outside and contractions came one after another. My client and her husband worked beautifully together,  seeing the love between a mother and father as they await the birth of their baby has to be one of my favorite parts of my job. After a day of laboring and working- it was finally time. Baby boy was ready to come and he entered the world much like that first thunder clap- after much anticipation and with great excitement.

The birth ball cover has been removed, washed, and folded up. About to be sent off to another doula, to make its appearance at another birth. Surely you’ve heard the saying, “if these walls could talk”.  Well, if that cover could talk… the stories it could tell.

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