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Snowpocalypse 2011

February 2, 2011

Our Backyard!

How is everyone surviving out there? Enjoying all this snow? I have been savoring all this extra time I get to spend playing with my littles and checking a few things off my To Do List, while completely procrastinating on some studying time. I’ll get there though, in a little bit.


Anyway, I thought I’d post some of the activities we’ve been doing and ask “How do you keep your littles (or yourself) happy and occupied while snowed in?“.

What we’ve been doing…

  • drinking TONS of hot cocoa to stay warm!
  • eating lots of comfort food: chili, cookie dough, banana chocolate chip pancakes, etc
  • building lots of castles and tall towers out of blocks
  • playing plenty of games: Candyland, Memory, etc
  • “swimming” in the bathtub
  • folding clothes
  • filed our taxes!!! (so happy to cross this item off my list!)
  • watched a movie, Despicable Me (it was very cute!)
  • made our own story books
  • simple crafts and art projects
  • I downloaded some children’s audiobooks, including another series of Frog & Toad, which is our current favorite!
  • and of course, a little bit of knitting too!

Other ideas that we haven’t tried out yet, but most likely will get to soon:

  • get started on making and crafting all those Valentine’s, it’ll be here before you know it!
  • Snow Icecream
  • Bring in some snow and let the kids play in the kitchen or bathtub! (Totally stole this idea from Jessica!)
  • Snow fortresses, tunnels, snowmen, and snowball fights
  • indoor blanket fortress
  • “bowling” -you could do this in all sorts of ways: you need something to knock over (toys, empty soda bottles, be creative!) and a ball
  • rearrange the furniture (this is one of my faves! but oddly not my husbands??)
  • Toilet Paper & Paper Towel Rolls Crafts
  • Martha Stewart Window Crayon Hearts
  • make sock puppets

Leave a comment and let us know what you’ve been up to!!

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  1. jessicabirthdoula permalink*
    February 2, 2011 11:03 pm

    I read a lot, drank a lot of hot beverages (coffee, tea and hot chocolate), had extra snuggle time with my loves, hobbled around the house on my crutches (which my four year old insisted were called “stilts”), watched “Hook” with the fam, and ate a lot of yummy food. Oh, and spent WAY too much time on facebook.


  1. Malory Rebekah

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