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Looking Back: Graham’s Birth Day

December 30, 2010

Hello there! I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Christmas, surrounded by your loved ones and of course, lots of yummy holiday treats!

Last year I was given the best Christmas present (two days after) that I could have asked for, my sweet baby boy, Graham. So, in honor of his first birthday, here is our homebirth story!

On December 26th, I started nesting like crazy, from 6 or 7pm until 1:30am I was unstoppable! I didn’t take many breaks and was even found in the bathroom scrubbing the floors, our house was spotless! When I finally wore out and climbed into bed I realized that I was having major contractions! I hadn’t paid them too much attention while I was cleaning, but now they were very strong and I knew immediately that this was real labor! So what did I do? I got my laptop out and quickly edited photos that needed to get done! I had to stop during contractions because they were so intense. Once I had the photos finished and burned onto CDs, I went into the living room to bounce on my birth ball.

Around 3am I woke up my husband and we called our birth team. We had a large birth team: Me, of course, my husband, my 2yr old daughter, my two midwives, my doula, my mom and dad, my two sisters, my aunt and her baby. That’s a lot of people! The really cool thing is that everyone had a role to play and was greatly needed, I really felt loved and cared for! It didn’t feel like too many people since they weren’t all in the same room with me at once but took turns supporting me.

During my labor I really felt like all I did was complain, later I was told that I wasn’t complaining but was constantly apologizing for complaining. I guess I said a lot of funny things!

I spent a lot of time in the bathtub (about 7:30am-10:30am) where the hot water soothed my very intense contractions, I knew I should get out because I felt the water was slowing my labor down but it felt so good to be in there! When I finally managed to get out of the tub, with my husband & Jessica’s help the contractions were back full-force and stronger than before. At one point we were all sitting on the bathroom floor and I had Jessica leaning into me, back to back to provide counter-pressure. Back labor really is awful! This must have been somewhere around transition because I fell asleep between contractions, even with a thermometer in my mouth (they didn’t want to take it out and wake me)!

Soon we moved back into our bedroom (11:40am) and I asked to be snuggled (I know, cute huh?). The love and support I felt was incredible, and really helpful. Around 12pm I started  to feel pushy. After awhile (12:20pm) I asked my midwife if it would be okay to break my water, she did, and then contractions got even stronger and I definitely felt like pushing! I think I asked Jessica to pray for me because I didn’t feel like I was doing a very good job at pushing, silly me, I was doing fine! It really helped me to keep my hand on top of his head because it felt like I had more control that way. One of the best memories I have is feeling his little ear as he was being born!

Immediately after being born he was placed on my chest, skin to skin. Birth is truly amazing!! There is no better feeling in the world than holding your brand new, wet, gooey, warm snuggly baby for the first time!

Graham was born at 12:53 pm, weighing 8pds 4oz and 19.5″ long.

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Happy 1st Birthday Graham Bear!!!


Thank you again to my amazing birth team: midwives, doula, and family!

I am so blessed to know each one of you and I love you all!


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  1. jessicabirthdoula permalink*
    December 30, 2010 2:28 pm

    It was truly an amazing birth- thanks for sharing Malory! I remember trying to get to Eureka in the middle of that crazy snowstorm. It took me over two hours to get from Bloomington to Eureka and there were times where I thought I might die. After Graham was born though, the storm had stopped and the sun was shining- it was a beautiful drive home with a heart full of love and birthy-goodness 🙂

  2. J. Marshall permalink
    December 30, 2010 3:47 pm

    It was a wonderful Christmas present indeed!

  3. Annmarie permalink
    December 30, 2010 11:36 pm

    Aww, this story and the pictures brought tears to my eyes. SOOOO Awesome. =) Thanks so much for sharing!

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